Buddhist Funeral Package

Finding The Best Value

Buddhist Funeral Package includes rituals that prep for the needs of the deceased in the afterlife, such as money, houses, automobiles and even electronics.

About Buddhist Funeral Package

The Chinese communities which observe rituals of Buddhist death are probably the best and most ready to face their inevitable demise. Buddhist funeral ritual includes preparing for the needs of the deceased in the afterlife. That includes having money, houses, automobiles and even electronics.

Buddhist funeral customs differ within the various Buddhist sects and from one country to the next. Some funerals are very ritualistic and traditional, while others are quite simple, solemn, and dignified. Rather than spend lavishly on expensive but perhaps meaningful traditions and rituals, the family and friends may donate to a worthy cause and transfer the merit to the deceased.

All of this comes in the form of burning specially prepared paper replicas of actual material objects; the most common offering being money. These ceremonies can run up to tens of thousands of ringgit if you add up to five or seven days in the casket cost, funeral procession, prayer services, and wake duration.

Buddhists believe that after a person has passed, the spirit no longer has any ties with the body. Hence, with proper Buddhist funeral prayer and chant, you can give the spirit of your loved ones a proper send-off and reincarnate into his/her next life. Having proper Buddhist funeral rites also gives the family a proper closure.

How much does a package cost?

A funeral package cost would vary, around RM 15,000 – RM 70,000 depending on services included in packages.

What is normally included in the package?


  • 24-Hour Careline for Consultation

Decedent Care and Encoffin Service

  • Reporting of Death & Burial Permit
  • Securing Release of Remains from Hospital
  • Longevity Attire
  • Burial Objects
  • ‘Dharani’ Blanket
  • Burial Casket or Cremation Casket
  • Cremation & Retrieval of Ashes
  • Cremation Urn

Preparation of Tribute for Buddhist Funeral Ritual

  • Funeral Parlor or Canopy & Tents (If done at home)
  • Hanging Fan
  • Light
  • Table
  • Table Cloth
  • Plastic Chair
  • Altar
  • Flower Shrine
  • Photo Enlargement & Photo Frame
  • Location Direction Placards & Lanterns
  • Mourning Garments for Surviving Family Members
  • Guest Book
  • Condolence Box
  • Obituary

Coordination of Buddhist Funeral Service

  • Wake service Workers
  • Master of Ceremony
  • Deceased Offerings (Fruits & Vegetarian dishes)
  • Joss-sticks & Praying Materials
  • Handcrafted Paper Models with Decorative Lights
  • Confectionary Gifts
  • Refreshments & Supper
  • Mineral Water
  • Service Emcee
  • Ritual Assistant

The Procession

  • Sealing of Casket
  • Son-in-law Flag
  • Music Band
  • Souvenir Fan & Towel
  • Lead Car
  • Funeral Limousine
  • Hearse or Coach
  • Aircon Bus

Can I ask for a Discount?

Technically it is not a discount, but you can actually negotiate with your care provider to exclude some parts of the package if you don’t think it is necessary. Remember, the choice is still in your hands.

Is the package price same throughout Malaysia?

The package is normally priced to cater to the urban crowd. If your place is further away from the city, best check with your care provider what sort of additional charges you need to expect. In that case, you can consider having it at the funeral parlour instead.

Any predefined package that you have?

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