Condolence Wreath

A floral token of comfort

To better express what you feel, a condolence wreath is a great way to show support, but also soothe your loved ones who are suffering in the time of sorrow.

About Condolence wreath

In times of great sorrow, words can’t express all that you feel. At times like this, you should have a wreath of condolence, because flowers allow you to express the right feeling and show your support and sympathy.

While you might not be able to express what you feel with words, an elegant and appropriate condolence wreath from the Florist will do that for you. A condolence wreath is a great way to show support, but also soothe your loved ones who are suffering in the time of sorrow. Use that power of flowers, and be there for your loved ones by showing them how you feel.

Sending Condolence Wreath flowers is an act of sympathy and care to the bereaved family, but it should be done appropriately. It’s better to consult a florist on which flowers to give, especially now that most of the flower shops are offering a wide range of Condolence Wreath flowers with the mixed and combined types of flowers. There are ways to sympathize with a friend or relative who has lost a loved one, and choosing florist services could be the best, whether you’re in or out of the country.

You have a different type of flowers to express your specific sentiments. Flowers are a traditional language, which is providing a way to express your feelings and send a meaningful message. Condolence wreath is often an ideal choice, as they provide a long-lasting tribute to the loved one lost.

It is important and essential to remember that flowers have symbolic meaning, even in funerals. That is why choosing them is a necessity, especially when the family is sensitive to symbolism and traditional implications.

Here are some of the most common flowers and their symbolic meaning behind them:


Lilies are the most common flowers seen at funerals. Florist will generally recommend this particular type of flower for funerals. A Condolence Wreath flower arrangement of lilies can evoke a feeling of peace and tranquillity, and it also symbolizes the idea that the soul of the person who passed away has already returned to his peaceful home.


Carnations, vary from different colors, are also among the flowers best sent for funeral and sympathy purposes. It is also recommended to consider the meaning of the colors of the carnation flowers when chose to send them to a funeral.


Chrysanthemums symbolize lamentation and grief. Hence, they are one of the popular choices for a Condolence Wreath flowers arrangement.


Orchids are long-lasting type of flowers and they are ideal for any funeral services, but due to the sentimental or traditional meaning of the colors of the orchids, it is still important to consider it before selecting a particular color for Condolence Wreath.