Pet Burial

A final farewell for your pet

Having a proper pet burial in a pet memorial park is more likely to give a better sense of closure to the grieving family members for most pet owners.

About Pet Burial

Having a proper burial in a pet memorial park seems to give a better sense of closure to the grieving family members for most people. Some believe this is a more fitting tribute compared to a home burial in the cemetery because your pets are being held in perpetuity.

In most cases, if you own your own property you can legally bury your pet at your backyard. Though, you’ll need to review any limitations on your local state, county, and city laws and ordinances.

Some places may prohibit or severely restrict the burial of pets. It involves several large towns or properties located on the water table. Many times the laws may not be explicit, or you may get ambiguous or even contradictory answers from officials in the cities.

Pet Burial at Home

Most people still prefer keeping their pets buried at home. With a home funeral, you avoid making plans at the expense of having a service provider and you can plan a very personal and private ceremony.

Besides, you’re going to be close to your pet so you can visit the grave and keep it up. There are some things you need to be mindful of when you’re planning a home burial.

Is it Legal to Bury my Pet in my Backyard?

As a general rule, you would have to own the land you intend to use, but the regulations on burial at home vary by state and municipality. There are a number of factors, such as how the animal died, the depth of your water table, and the type of soil you have, which may play a role in whether or not you can bury at home.

You should always make sure that the burial site you choose meets the requirements for property lines and utility easements as well as zoning requirements. Before deciding whether to proceed with a home burial, you should confirm the lawfulness by contacting your local city or county. You should also check the restrictions on your neighborhood actions.

Benefits of Pet Burial

There is a physical burial site: Burial means that there is going to be a physical site, typically with a commemorative marker, which you can visit to feel closer to your departed companion. Whether it’s in a pet cemetery or in your own backyard, there’s comfort in having this sacred space where you can visit your friend even after they’re gone.

Some choose this choice to encourage them to see their pet on their own terms, without having to pass it on a daily basis, such as with an urn memorial remaining in your home.

It can be economical: The cost of a pet burial varies widely, depending on the level of detail you are looking for and the type of casket. This means that if you’re trying to minimize costs, there’s a way to do that, and if you want to go all out, there’s plenty of options to do that.