Christian Funeral Service

Rituals in accordance to Christian faith

Observing the Christian belief and rites during funeral services.

About Christian Funeral Service

Christian funeral service is based on the belief in the afterlife and achieving eternal peace in Heaven.

In Christianity, death is viewed as the end of his/her life on earth and family to grieve for the deceased but to also give thanks for their life. There are many different denominations within Christianity that hold differing views – Assembly of God, Anglican, Baptist, Christian, Church of Christ, Church of God, Episcopal, Jehovah’s Witness, Lutheran, Mennonite, Methodist, Moravian, Mormon, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, Salvation Army, United Church of Christ – however they generally adhere to several common principles and may have similar or near-similar funeral rituals. Usually, the deceased family will also have different wishes that the funeral service provider can assist with. The funeral service or wake is done at the church or funeral parlour, depending on the wishes of the family

Etiquette during a Christian Funeral Service

Those wishing to pay their last respects follow the same etiquette as they would for any funeral. The priest will read sermons and visitors are expected to stay silent and observe the service.

Why engage a professional to prepare for Christian Funeral Service

Engaging a professional funeral service provider for Christian funeral services will give family members peace of mind knowing that the last journey of the deceased is prepared well.