Family Columbarium

Serving your loved ones

A family columbarium is an outdoor structure with small niches to contain cremated remains built to accomodate families for their remains be in one place.

About a Family Columbarium

A family columbarium is an outdoor structure above ground with small niches containing cremated remains that have been built for a family (or families) to display their cremated remains all together in one place.

In many cemeteries, Family columbarium is a new concept. Like a traditional family crypt or tomb (which is built for full-body burial) the family columbarium is constructed in a smaller, more customized niche form to interfamily cremains. Some families prefer the option of this cremation internment to an in-ground burial or the larger commercial columbaria now available in many cemeteries.

In some cases, family columbariums can be more economical than conventional for-ground burials, since some standard family columbariums are designed to hold up to 8 to 12 urns. We only need to buy one storey. We only need to purchase one memorial (the columbarium). On-site engravings or bronze plaques may be added when appropriate to the columbarium.

Choosing a columbarium for the family is both a personal decision and a collective one. The family columbarium can be personalized to describe a distinct style that will be cherished and remembered by future generations. The style will evoke family themes and expose historical rituals about the family that is loved and cherished most.

Things to consider when purchasing a family columbarium:


Memories can last forever, particularly when stoned. Choosing the best supplier to build the columbarium would give greater peace of mind. Sound engineering, key lockable internal security niche doors and 100% granite outdoors are essential components to search for when buying a columbarium in the family. Whether it’s a standard unit or a custom design, choose a manufacturer that can create a beautiful structure that will make sure the investment worthy of your family columbarium design.

Custom Graphic Design

Choose a manufacturer of columbariums who can design a product that will represent your personal tastes. Different graphic designs, engravings, laser etching, and even images can be applied to the columbarium to help make the structure unique. No need to hesitate to ask the graphic design department about the different design options to create a unique family columbarium that represents the traditions and close ties of your family. The possibilities of design are endless.