Pet Caskets

Cremation & burial Caskets For Pets

Pet caskets can be used in a cemetery, garden, or back yard. Making the final resting place for a pet one can provide important resolution and closure.

About Pet Caskets

Animals are so important to our lives. They give us their unconditional love, friendship, and affection, without in return asking for too much. They leave behind a hole, hard to fill when they die. Perhaps this is the toughest part of pets ownership.

They’ve given you their life, the least you can do is give them a decent burial. Pet caskets are your way to thank them for their amazing company. However, you’re choosing the perfect casket for your pet, do you know the size you want to choose? What type to choose from? These are some common questions that pet owners ask when they’re looking for the perfect casket to bury their beloved pets.

A proper burial can help the grieving pet owners to get some closure, knowing that their pets have been sent away with dignity and respect.

Pet caskets can be used in a cemetery, garden, or back yard. Making the final resting place for a pet one can provide important resolution and closure. Pet caskets are available in many sizes to accommodate nearly any size of common pet like dogs, cats, snake, reptiles, birds, and so on.

Pet Memorials & Pet Caskets

After the death of your pet, you can choose to remember them in a variety of ways. If your pet has been cremated, you may want their ashes back to be scattered in a favorite spot or to be kept indoors.

Specialist individual pet crematoriums usually offer you a wide range of pet caskets and urns to choose from. For many people playing an active part in choosing a vessel for their pet’s ashes, this is one way to help them deal with their bereavement.

Pet caskets and urns that range from something very plain that was used to scatter ashes to something very ornate to commemorate them.

Comparison of all the Different Types of Pet Caskets

Thankfully, one can choose between a variety of options, budget and style. Here are just a few to help introduce you to the pet caskets.

High-Impact Polystyrene Caskets

These durable polystyrene caskets are made of fine plastic and are available in many styles as well as designs. The non-deteriorating material used in their manufacture ensures that the casket is waterproof and restricts the water from soaking in. The sealant used also inhibits entry of air into the casket. Such caskets are a very popular choice for pets burial due to their affordability, long service life and the number of options available.

Wood Caskets

Wooden caskets are a tad costlier than the polystyrene variant. For your pets, these caskets are available in expensive wood such as cherry or maple. Wood caskets offer the pet owners an elegant choice, who don’t mind spending some extra cash to give their pets a luxurious goodbye.

Seagrass Caskets

Seagrass caskets are eco-friendly coffins made from dried grass and known for their incredible strength and long life. The pet casket made of seagrass is available in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and designs. They are all suitable for house pets or any smaller pets such as hamsters and guinea pigs. These caskets are perfect for green cremations and burials as they are completely biodegradable.