A directory of funeral needs for all

A funeral is a ceremony to lay rest the body of a deceased person. In Malaysia, there are different types of funeral services based on religions.
The funeral type differs because of the varied races, religions, and beliefs of the different communities in Malaysia. Being a multi-racial and multi-faith community, funeral rites and rituals can differ very much from one to another.

Here you will find the below different funeral types by religion and faith:-

Buddhist Funeral

Simple, dignified and solemn expression of bereavement. In Buddhism, a funeral service must be within one's means as they do not encourage elaborate rituals.

Taoist Funeral

Amalgamation of various sources and varies according to region, sect and traditional beliefs.

Catholic Funeral

Catholic emphasizes the passing from the physical world to the afterlife through ethernal peace in Heaven or everlasting suffering in Hell or Purgatory.

Christian Funeral

Christianity has a wide denomination in beliefs while most believe in the end of one's life is afterlife and achieving eternal peace in Heaven.

Anglican Funeral

Anglican is a denomination of Christianity. They also believe in eternal life and peace in heaven by faith in Christ.

Non Religious Funeral

Non religious funerals focuses on sincerity and affection as they do not practice any religious beliefs nor a specific reference to afterlife.

Hindu Funeral

Hinduism believes in reincarnation and that the soul is reborn. The soul continues to live on depending on their karma or actions of their past lives

Sikh Funeral

Commonly known as Antim Sanskaar, or funeral service for a Sikh. Sikhism believes in cycle of life and reincarnation after death where the soul will never die.

Atheist Funeral

Atheist funeral are for those who rejects religious views associated with life and death or without religious affiliations and do not have a specific afterlife.

Humanist Funeral

Humanist are of no religious affiliation as they honor the deceased by sharing their fond memories with the deacesed's loved ones during the funeral service.

Jewish Funeral

The Jews believes there is no explicit life after death and no cremation for the deceased Jews as the souls will be judged to be let into a new world.

The above links you to the specific pages of funeral types where more information on each is available for your perusal.