Buying Burial Plot

Preserving for the future

Buying burial plot is like any other real estate transaction. There are issues that need to be addressed before purchasing from the funeral facility.

Understanding burial plot

Buying a burial plot, like any other real estate transaction, comes with issues that need to be addressed before you sign a purchase agreement with a cemetery or a funeral facility.

Things to consider when buying a burial plot:

Buying Options

Pre-owned burial plots are put on the market when people who have purchased a plot beforehand run into financial difficulties or move away from the area. Plots purchased in advance are typically sold at discounted prices. You can buy a new burial plot by calling the cemetery itself or through a funeral home, or you can buy a pre-owned burial plot by hiring a resale broker for the cemetery site.


In some cases, the religious aspects of choosing a cemetery can be easy, but in others, difficult. Many cemeteries are very strict when it comes to the deceased’s religion, while others are more accommodating. For companion plots, it can be daunting to have different faiths in you and your spouse or life partner.

Cemetery ByLaws

Every cemetery has its rules and regulations on what’s permitted in the cemetery and not allowed in it. The by-laws will regulate what sort of grave marker is permitted, whether the staff of the cemetery or the family of the deceased are responsible for keeping the grave, what can be planted around the grave and what types of personal memorials or decorations can be placed on the tomb.

Steps to purchase a burial plot

  1. Create a shortlist of the cemeteries you like: This decision is often determined by the personal preferences and expenditure of the family, as well as the number and size of parcels available.
  2. Check their license status: Check with your state or local government also whether the manager of the cemetery is completely accredited and in good standing.
  3. Visit the burial plots of interest to you: You can not purchase a burial plot without having to first check the cemetery and the location of the plot. The cemetery, for example, is well maintained?
  4. Get a copy of the Bylaws of the Cemetery: Get a copy of the cemetery Bylaws for the cemeteries you are interested in. You will have to make sure these rules and regulations don’t mess with your wishes. You must also take special care of whether the cemetery staff or you and your relatives are responsible for the maintenance of the grave plot.
  5. Get a complete list of costs of your plans: You want to make sure you consider all the costs of buying a burial plot. A complete price list should be requested from each cemetery, including the burial plot costs, interment fees and future maintenance fees, so you are fully informed and able to compare prices.