Catholic Columbarium

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The tradition of cremation are prohibited until 1963. It was then restored with justificable reasons such as a way of tackling cost of burial plots.

About Catholic Columbarium

There once was a tradition prohibited by Canon Law for Catholics to be cremated. Which is until 1963 because they believed in the resurrection of the dead and thus there was a desire to bury the corpse intact and once a believer their body is considered to be a temple of the Holy Spirit.

The church has traditionally been the natural repository and final resting place for the deceased members of the Christian community. Burial was once common practice inside the church itself or in the adjacent churchyard.

After lifting the cremation ban for Catholics, many people turn to cremation as an affordable, dignified way of tackling the rising burial costs. The cost of conventional funerals will continue to rise as more and more people turn to cremation.

But now, Catholic cremation is somewhat common in Malaysia, and the decision to bury or cremate is primarily a personal choice and how one’s view is on Catholic funerals.