Pet Columbarium

A final resting place for your pet

Pet columbarium provides a place to remember the fond memories of a loyal, trusting pet. To pet owners, this helps them to feel like their pets are still nearby.

About Pet Columbarium

The cremation ashes are usually stored for final disposition in the cremation urns. Depending on your choice, the urns may be basic and elegant, or anesthetic and artistically crafted.

Pet columbarium provides a place to remember the fond memories of a loyal, trusting pet. It’s a thoughtful gesture in recognition of the loyalty and love felt for this special family friend who has left but never will be forgotten.

Storing your Pet’s Ashes

Many pet owners prefer a traditional urn or a similar container to hold the ashes of their pet on show. We may choose to put the container in a space where their pet spent much of their time. Or, we may display their urn over the mantle, or their dresser above.

To pet owners, this is a common option as it gives them a way to feel like their pets are still nearby.

Another way of keeping your pet near you is to store a portion of their ashes in a smaller, portable container. A locket or tiny heart-shaped box enables you to carry the ashes of your pet with you almost wherever you go. For some, this can help them after losing their pet during the early months.

A columbarium is an above-ground structure designed to hold cremation urns. It can also be called by sepulcher or crypt. The Latin root of the word columbarium, columba translates as ‘dove’, referencing the structural similarity of a columbarium to a dovecote. Columbariums are often stacked structures or walls with cubbyholes or niches where an urn – or sometimes several urns – can be placed, same goes to pet as well.

Placing the cremation urn permanently in a Columbarium. It is a room or simply a freestanding structure, usually located in a cemetery or church, wherein there are niches (recessed compartments) for placing urns containing cremation ashes. Thus, it provides a place of remembrance to visit and commemorate the dead loved one, thereby helping the healing process to recover from the loss.

You can also include photographs, mementos, etc. to personalize a niche and to commemorate the life of your beloved pet. The storage of cremated remains is also a record for future generations.

Apart from church grounds and cemeteries, columbaria can often be housed in mausoleums. In addition, they can be built indoors or outdoors.