Church Funeral

Church Funeral Ceremony

A church funeral is often held at the deceased person's church traditionally with private graveside interment services offered by church.

How is a Church Funeral conducted?

A traditional religious church funeral service is often held at the deceased’s church with a public view of the deceased a few hours before the church service and after the church service a private graveside interment service.

Such funeral services are often very formal and gloomy in nature and are generally an all-day affair as they include a public viewing service, a funeral service, a grave service, and sometimes a family dinner or reception service.

The first thing to do is to contact the deceased’s church and schedule a service through its offices. Also, the funeral home will contact the church on your behalf and make the correct arrangements, including transportation, music and other support with the service.

In general, refrigeration or a burial / cremation within 24 hours is required if the deceased is not to be embalmed. The funeral home or church leader can assist in these ways, and have templates for obituaries and funeral programs in general.

Preparations for a Church Funeral Ceremony

As soon as those other details are arranged, flowers are often ordered. Florists typically require a minimum of two days to accommodate funeral services. A floral arrangement with a casket spray is usually ordered; this arrangement is specifically intended to be put on the casket during the funeral and the viewing.
Certain floral arrangements are often requested by the family during the funeral service, and put around the room or the casket. It should be noted that friends and family members may also order flowers or plants for the deceased, and they are usually placed around the casket by the funeral home or church during the service and then at the graveside after burial.

Sometimes the deceased may have specifically asked someone to sing or engage in other ways and that request should be conveyed to family members.

Once a sufficient number of participants have decided, organize these talks and presentations in a reasonable order; usually, an opening and closing prayer, as well as an opening and closing song or musical performance with talks and stories in between works are very pleasant. The funeral plan will detail the timetable.