Anglican Funeral

Anglican Funeral Ceremony

Anglican is a denomination of Christianity. They also believe in eternal life and peace in heaven by faith in Christ.

About an Anglican Funeral

Anglicanism is an offshoot of Christianity. Anglicans accept the achievement of eternal life by faith in Christ Jesus.

It is common for a member of the clergy to assist in preparing and coordinating the funeral service at an Anglican funeral. Anyone can ask an Anglican minister to preside over a funeral (the person who passed away does not even have to be an Anglican church member).

In addition, the Anglican funeral order of service is organized to include hymns, prayers, a sermon and a reading from the Common Prayer Book. A priest will usually preside over the service and lead the mourners in prayer.

The funeral service may include taking Holy Communion, where mourners are welcomed to the church’s front and accept a sip of wine and a piece of bread or wafer of Communion. It represents Jesus Christ’s body and blood and is a significant ritual for the believers.

In general, the casket is placed at the front of the ceremony. It will remain closed throughout the service, and will not be opened anywhere. If there is no casket, there is often instead of a memorial service that uses a picture instead of the casket.

Songs of importance to the family or their loved one may be played at the family’s request, as long as the priest considers them to be worship-appropriate.

What happens after an Anglican Funeral Ceremony

A post-funeral gathering, commonly known as a wake, may be held by the family and close friends in a church or at a family home. Anglicans have no specified times of mourning, or memorial activities.