Funeral Service Invitation

For the final Goodbye

Funeral invitations are used after a unfortunate event of death. It is to let the surviving friends and family know where to honor the one who just passed.

What is a Funeral Service Invitation?

When someone dies, making sure everyone who knew and loved them has the chance to pay their respects at the funeral can be important. Funeral invites also serve two purposes; not just to inform people about the funeral venue, but also to break or confirm the sad news of someone’s death.

What should it include?

Name of the deceased

You should include the full name of the person, and any related titles. If the person is a woman and has been married it is a good idea to include her name as a maiden. That will help to remind people.

Residence of the deceased

The place where the person lived should be included. It can be memorial purpose or infomation to those who didn’t know.

Surviving family

Include any surviving family members, parents, children, siblings, grandchildren, grandkids, if any. This will help, if someone who is only familiar with a surviving family member reads the note.

Funeral date, time and place

If you do not have this information when preparing the funeral announcement, you may include the words: “Funeral service information to follow.” Funeral clergy.

Memorial or floral contribution.

Let people know whether floral gifts are approved or not, or if you want donations sent to a favorite charity

Memorial Service information

If you’re only preparing a memorial service, provide this in the notice is a good idea. If you are now planning a funeral service, and then a memorial service, include this detail as well.

Maybe include a picture would add clearance to invitees.

Funeral Service Invitation Sample

In Loving Memory

Funeral Service Invitation 1

A Celebration in honor of

Michelle Lim

Sunday, 11th February at 11:00am
Loving Care Funeral Parlour
Kuala Lumpur

RSVP by 28th February