Sikh Funeral Service

Antam Sanskaar or “the last rite of passage"

Sikhism funeral is not loss and grief but celebration of the soul's opportunity to re-join Waheguru

About Sikh Funeral Service

Sikh Funeral Service is based on the life teaching of Gury Nank which originated in late 15th century from India.

The Sikh believes in the cycle of life or reincarnation which certain actions and attachments bind to this cycle. To Sikhism, death is the progression to the journey from God through the created Universe and back to God again.

Usually, there will be a small ceremony prior to the cremation. To start off the ceremony, there is an ardas or community prayer. The deceased is usually cremated in the Sikh funeral service.

What to expect when visiting a Sikh Funeral Service

Visitors to a Sikh funeral service are advised to observe the same etiquette as per any funeral service. It is appropriate to send wreaths and flowers but not expected.

Why you should engage a professional for a Sikh Funeral Service

Engaging a professional funeral service provider for Sikh funeral services will give family members peace of mind knowing that the last journey of the deceased is prepared well.