Burial Plot

What are Burial Plots?

A burial plot is a spot where the body is laid to rest in the ground. Lush green grass will be placed over for the families and friends to visit.

What are types of Burial Plots available?

Single Plot

A single spot that can handle one individual’s burial. This is the most prevalent form of burial plot. One of the common plots in cemeteries in Malaysia.

Double Plots

This option is mostly for couples where they can be buried side by side. These are often referred to as “companion plots,”.

Family Plot

An area of land to accommodate the entire family with a large headstone engraved with family name, ancestry and all of the family members that are laid to rest.

In the area will have the choice to purchase rows of single or double plots to allow burials to be side by side.

Plots for Cremated Remains

There is an option where you can place the remains of cremated bodies in columbarium or in a burial plot along with other family members.

The facts that affect the cost of burial plots are:


Just as some states are more or less expensive on average than others, the cost of a cemetery plot for individual cemeteries can vary.

Types of plots

A single burial plot of space is less expensive than a plot of double depth in most cases. However, there are some instances where buying multiple burial plots results in each individual plot being less expensive than buying just one. That is why your research and shop around is relevant.

When you buy

Do you want to buy a plot now, or leave it to your loved ones to purchase a burial plot with inflated prices after you pass by? Generally, your cemetery plot will always be yours and does not expire.

Frequently Asked Questions about Burial Plots

What is a prepaid funeral plot?

A prepaid grave plot means you buy the plot now, rather than leaving it to your loved ones to purchase the plot after you have left.

How many individuals can be buried in one plot?

A single plot of space is for a single individual. Companion plots are for 2 separate individuals to be buried alongside one another.

Can a cremation urn be buried in a plot?

Some cemeteries do allow a standard plot to bury a cremation urn. But other cemeteries have special, designated areas to bury urns for cremation. Urn burial options vary according to the cemetery.