Christian Funeral Package

About Christian Funeral Package

A Christian funeral includes the cost of bringing the deceased to rest in a church for friends and family to say their last goodbyes, and for the funeral service to be conducted where prayers are sent to his / her final resting place before the deceased is sent. (The cost depends on how extensive the funeral wake and service is required)

In the casket and burial plot lies a large portion of the cost of Christian funerals. Many families splurge here a little bit more to make sure their loved ones go away in a respectable manner. Others also opt for cremation, which will affect how much the whole process would cost.

Most of the Christian burials would cost around RM20,000; not including the burial plot. One thing to note is that opting to intern a body means finding a spot in a public Christian cemetery or paying as a final resting place for an expensive private plot of land. In general, cremation–and the resulting internment at a columbarium–costs around half as much as a burial plot.

Things that will be included in a general Christian Funeral Package (Package may vary in different funeral companies):

  • Consultation – 24hour careline
  • Embalmment handling & Encoffinment service
  • Preparation of Memorial Ceremony – use of majestic altar, photographs, candles, cross, memoral record book etc.
  • Coordination of Funeral Service – Professional teams, confectionery gifts, 2 days services and refreshments.
  • Funeral Procession Service – Sealing casket, Funeral Procession Team