Funeral Pre-planning

Planning your choice

Funeral pre planning helps your decisions ahead with choices of burial, services, products. When the time comes, it will make it easier to take care of details.

Why Pre-Plan your funeral?

Planning forwards allows you to make financial arrangements to cover the cost of your funeral. Even if you leave enough money behind, will your family members be able to access that money? Funeral insurance and funeral trusts are sound options for financial planning which you can consider in advance.

For a grieving family a funeral is an important event. Psychologically it provides a sense of closure and allows the family to start the process of healing. When preparing it in a short time, it is hard to make the funeral the best it can be. That’s why pre-planning it will benefit the situation better.

You want to be self-reliant at the end of your life, and have your affairs in order. Keeping your funeral arrangements is a thoughtful and caring thing for your family to do. It’s comforting to know you’ve done everything you can to lighten their burden. And you can be assured they will appreciate that after you’re gone your care for them continued.

Difference of At-Need and Pre-Plans

Pre-Need funeral arrangements can be made at any time and provide several benefits. Funeral homes, cemeteries and other funeral service companies will help you plan a funeral for yourself, your spouse or a relative.

It is especially difficult to make funeral arrangements at the time of death, because the time frame is limited and emotions are strong as survivors struggle with their grief. There is not only planning to do a lot there, but there are also imminent financial concerns. At the time of the funeral, payment for funeral services is due, which can be quite expensive for most families.

Tips to consider while Pre-Planning your funeral

You need to know what happens at a funeral when you are to plan a funeral. There are three general components: corpse storage, ceremony carrying, and interment handling. Each has a range of options.

With the average cost of funeral between RM13,000 and RM50,000, you need to view this as any other big purchase is. You wouldn’t be buying a car from the first dealer you walked in. So, don’t buy a funeral with more than one funeral home without searching.

Funeral homes offer bundles of goods and services, but they are often bundled in more than you would like. Sometimes they don’t have all the goods and services that you want. A gravestone and cemetery plot for example may not be included in a package. Request an upfront itemized list, with prices for each service or item.