Non Religious Funeral

Non Religious Funeral Rituals

Non religious funeral focuses on sincerity and affection as they do not practice any religious beliefs nor a specific reference to afterlife.

About Non Religious Funeral

Non religious funeral, similar to Atheist funeral, is for those who lived their lives without religious affiliation and reject the typically religious views associated with life and death.

Because the deceased do not practice any religious beliefs, there is no deity or have a specific reference to the afterlife. Thus the funeral services are usually a tribute to the life of the deceased, loved ones left behind acknowledged and decased’s life is remembered through memories.

The focus of the funeral service is sincerity and affection for the deceased and his/her family and close friends. Family or friends may be asked to share their fond memories with others during the funeral service.

Non religious funerals are usually simple and both cremation and burial are dependent on the choice made by the family members. Funeral service and/or memorials can be held at any time as a respect for the deceased and the family.