Buying Columbarium

An Eternal Resting Place

Buying columbarium for your loved ones or for future planning is an important decision for an eternal resting place.

What is Columbarium?

According to Wikipedia, columbarium is a final resting destination to store urn that is holding a deceased cremated remains.

Columbarium is a very common choice of final resting place compared to burial plots in Malaysia. One of the main reasons is the ease of maintenance, lower cost and the availability of long term care of the facilities.

Family Columbarium

If you are pre-planning and would like to purchase a family columbarium, it is best to do a bit of research on the available choices that you have. As a suggestion, you could purchase a few spots on the same row so that you can have the entire family’s final resting place planned.

Planning for the future is ideal for the family so that there is no need to worry or think about it. This is especially helpful for families with elders as they would usually use the term “coffin money” to indicate their savings for their future funeral. Planning for the funeral is also a form of filial piety and it is highly encouraged to give the entire family peace of mind.

To start planning, drop us a note below and we will revert

Buddhist Columbarium & Catholic Columbarium

Most service providers offer different locations for Buddhist and Catholic, out of respect for the different funeral rites, prayers, and beliefs. Please indicate your religion prior to purchasing so that the adviser can provide you with all the information you need before you make your choice. Nirvana Columbarium in Shah Alam has different buildings for Catholic columbarium and the design and approach differ very much from the Buddhist columbarium.

What is the cost of Columbarium?

The cost of buying a columbarium can be dependent on many factors, among them are as below:

  1. Service Provider – More established providers generally charge higher, as they already have done their ground work on promoting their brand. You will be able to get better deals if you choose a less well-known provider. There are quite a few to take into consideration if you have a lower budget.
  2. Location – If you are looking for a columbarium in the city center of Kuala Lumpur, you will be expected to spend a premium for the location. Currently, Nirvana has a columbarium in Jalan Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, so for those who prefer this location, you will need to fork out more money to purchase it.
  3. Size – Usually columbariums comes in sizes of single or double niche. This simply means that a 2-niche columbarium that can fit 2 urns (usually for married couples) are slightly pricier than the single niche. This is also the reason why we encourage funeral pre-planning as you can discuss this with your partner as a form of respect of their final wishes.
  4. Height or Level – Interestingly, columbariums are priced like properties. Eye-level ones are usually the most expensive and the levels are cheaper either upwards or downwards. Price differentiation can be a thousand for each level or more, depending on service provider.
  5. Facing – Most columbariums have different layout and plans. Usually outward-facing location are more expensive, and so are the ones with nicer views (facing mountain) or facing a garden. In short, you will be presented with choices of where the final resting place will be and a price tag for the better location.
  6. Premium and Luxury – In case you’ve not heard of, there are service providers which offers 7-star columbarium. So if you want to invest in premium or luxury final resting place, you can consider these air-conditioned, premium finishes and ample facilities – drop us a note and we will revert.

Why should I pre-purchase a columbarium?

Planning for the future gives you peace of mind and thus it is encouraged to start planning. Families sometimes purchase en-bulk for the entire family so that they have spots for everyone in the same location. There are also elders who prefer to choose their final resting place and not worry their descendants about their funeral planning. For the younger ones, future planning is to put your mind at ease. Below are reasons you should start planning to purchase a columbarium:

  1. Ease of mind – No longer need to worry about choice of final resting place.
  2. Cost planning – Purchasing now means the ability to plan the cost without burdening future descendants.
  3. Cheaper – Buying now means the ability to hedge against future inflation cost. Pay today’s price for future use.
  4. Planning – Plan for the future use, and not let someone else plan for you.
  5. En-Bulk Purchase Benefit – To purchase for the family, early planning will enable you to secure spots in the same location.