Funeral Flowers

Sympathy flowers and more

A funeral wreath or flowers are generally arranged by immediate family members with the intention of honouring the deceased and celebrating their lives.

About Funeral Flowers

As a rule of thumb, funeral flowers go to the funeral home, while condolence flowers can go anywhere. Funeral flowers are typically larger and more formal arrangements generally arranged by immediate family members with the intention of honoring the deceased and celebrating their lives. These are also designed specifically and built to be large enough around the casket so that they can be seen from any point of the funeral or memorial service, no matter where a person may be sitting or standing. As well as offering a final farewell to the deceased, funeral flowers will show how much the person meant to you, their personality and appreciation of their distinguished contributions to life.

Funeral flowers may vary according to religion, customs, and personal preference. The deceased’s religious beliefs, traditions, likes and dislikes are usually taken into consideration and incorporated into the arrangements.

Here are some of the most common Funeral Flowers to send as a tribute to the deceased:

Funeral Wreaths

These flower arrangements are the ones most typically associated with funerals. They come in the shape of a circular design, and whether you are a family or friend, they are suitable to send directly to a church or crematorium.

Funeral flower wreaths, in the shape of a circle, symbolize the continuation of life and love. Honor your loved one with an elegant Heart Funeral Wreath that encapsulates the essence of their spirit. Floral wreaths are a great way to celebrate the life of your loved one at their service. While the circumstances may be grave, you can make a powerful statement of sympathy and reverence with an elegant funeral floral wreath.

If the deceased does not subscribe to any religion, it may be better to send tributes in the shape of hearts or treasured possessions to make the display as heartfelt and thoughtful as possible. Floral heart wreaths indicate love and compassion in times of grief.

Casket Spray

These floral pieces are double-ended and meant to adorn or drape over a casket. Casket sprays are often chosen by family members or selected relatives to reflect the personality, wishes or preferences of the deceased and are placed on the casket through the ceremony, cremation, or burial.

Funeral Sheaves

Funeral sheaves are one of the popular ways to express condolences. Sheaves can come in both single-ended or double-ended designs. Hand-tied sheaves are made to lay flat and are suitable as informal floral tributes. This particular floral display is easily adaptable and lots of different styles and materials can be used.

Funeral Flower Beds

Flower beds presented on white stands make an eloquent send-off funeral arrangements around the casket. This particular design is to represent a heartfelt tribute to say your final goodbyes.

Funeral Table Spray

A gracefully composed table spray is an appropriate floral tribute for a funeral. These arrangements can be laid out on the reception table to remind the guest of the abundance of life and to provide comfort to the bereaved.

Condolence Flowers

Condolence flowers are usually directly addressed to the loved one of the deceased.

Elegant flower arrangements

Fresh cut flowers are the most popular choice for condolence bouquets. Classical white or soft pastel flowers hand-tied are commonly sent as sympathy offerings as a sign of purity, peace, and love.

How long do Funeral Wreaths last?

A floral wreath for a funeral typically lasts one to two weeks. When a friend or loved one passes away, wreaths are a heartfelt way to send your condolences to the grieving family. Roses and daisies are popular choices for funeral wreaths due to their longevity. And, to increase the lifespan of your wreath, florists use Oasis, a durable cellular foam, that can retain water and keep your flowers hydrated even longer.”