Nirvana Shah Alam Columbarium

A final resting

Nirvana Shah Alam Memorial Park was established in 2008 that contains traditional double burial plots like Perpetual Garden and Tang Villa Si He Yuan Columbarium.

About Nirvana Shah Alam Columbarium

Nirvana Asia established the Nirvana Memorial Park in 2008, Shah Alam, which is the only private memorial park in Shah Alam to meet growing towns ‘ demands. It is strategically located in Shah Alam, with access to major highways from major cities in Klang Valley (Petaling Jaya, Subang & Klang) taking only 15 minutes.

The traditional double burial plots and the specially built Tang Villa Si He Yuan Columbarium and Perpetual Garden Columbarium are constructed within this memorial park.

The wide range of burial products available adheres to the needs of various non-Muslim religions. The Nirvana Memorial Park offers full peace of mind and is indeed an excellent place for quiet rest.

Here are a few columbarium that Nirvana Shah Alam provides:

Nirvana Shah Alam Columbarium 1

Ming Palace

The Brahma Palace, with its 6-star decoration, was designed with intricate and beautiful designs that surround you, giving you a surreal experience of the actual Brahma Palace. The grand ceiling, delicate sculptures, exquisite murals and warm lighting give the dead a truly unique environment, calming the living and providing a comfortable resting place.
Nirvana Shah Alam Columbarium 1

Tang Villa

Bamboo gives the landscape an exotic oriental atmosphere, symbolizing energy, versatility, tenacity, endurance, and compromise, resulting in Tang Villa exuding an atmosphere filled with love, comfort, and peace.

Bamboo also reflects a time-honored tradition, bringing together generations to cultivate a connection with which to meet in life. With the merciful and loving Goddess of Mercy watching over the courtyard, one feels the love that enlightens and brings the family together.

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Heritage Court

As the name implies, Heritage Court Heritage Court aims to remind us to exemplify the act of piety in our daily lives, and also to pass the virtue on from generations to generations.

Spreading across the prime land area in the center of Shah Alam and with 6 majestic columbarium buildings, Heritage Court is renowned for its scenic landscape tapestry that pays tribute to the beauty of mother nature, While one spends time immersing one’s soul in the beauty surrounding Heritage Court, it would leave one in awe of lush walkway, greenery and posh landscaping.

Nirvana Shah Alam Columbarium 1

Christian Columbarium

The Christian Columbarium is a masterpiece of architectural design for Christian bereavement treatment unlike any other one on the market. It exudes a distinctive Christian character in unique style, one that gets the best of both worlds: beautiful architecture and contemporary concept.

The charming facade emphasizes the image, the identification of Christians. Thus an entirely new chapter is unveiled in the masterly forms and shades of Christian columbarium.